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    Oxygen Booster Pump for Rebreather O2 Cylinders

    This portable air driven oxygen booster pump can be used for recharging Rebreather O2 cylinders or partial pressure blending Nitrox. It will scavenge the gas from an oxygen storage cylinder down to 300 psi and boost this pressure up to 3000 psi. The unit can be driven by a low pressure air source ( 100 - 120 psi ) or from a high pressure scuba cylinder. The system includes an air regulator that will attach to a scuba cylinder and reduce the pressure to 120 psi for driving the booster. It includes two fill whips set up with DIN connectors that have optional Yoke adaptors if needed. The 10' air input hose stores neatly in the case and allows for maneuverability when connecting to an air source. The Oxygen input hose is 5' in length and comes with a standard CGA 540 cylinder connection. The fill valves are Swagelok needle type valves which allow for slow controlled fill rates. The fill rate is monitored by a digital pressure gauge that will display is PSI or BAR. Safe oxygen filling rates are to 1-2 psi per second. The booster is capable of faster fill rates but it is not recommended.  This is an easy to use, fully portable and compact oxygen booster pump and filling station.

    - Single Stage Gas Booster
    - Dual Fill Whip
    - Auto Shut Off w/adjustable preset ( 2200 psi - 3000 psi )
    - Oxygen Input down to 300 psi
    - Swagelok Metering Valves and Plumbing
    - Digital Fill Pressure Gauge
    - Braided Stainless Steel Hose
    - Scuba Regulator for L.P. Drive Air
    - QD Air Hose 
    Water Proof Pelican Case 1620
    - Oxygen Storage Cylinder ( 120 c.f. ) Aluminum 2200 psi

    Case Dimensions:  24" L x 19" W x 14" H
    Weight: 85 lbs