• Nitrox Membrane System


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    Nitrox Membrane System 22% - 36%

    A Nitrox Membrane system is the easiest and safest way to produce Nitrox for any dive system. By feeding a Nitrox membrane with clean and dry low-pressure air, we can provide a consistent supply of Nitrox to feed into a high pressure compressor. This Nitrox stream is pumped into the intake of a tank fill compressor giving you access to on demand tank fills. You can also add a storage system to better enhance the dive program. We have been building and installing Nitrox systems for over a decade and in that time have produced the most reliable, turn key systems available. Contact Us for Shipping Info, Shipping and Shipping Crate.

    - Turn Key Operation

    - Adjustable Nitrox Output 22% - 36%

    - No Oxygen Storage Needed

    - Rotary Screw Air Compressor 5 HP

    - Refrigerated Air Dryer

    - Three Stage Air Filtration w/ Auto-Drain

    - Redundant Oxygen Analyzers

    - Fully Automated

    - Single Footprint

    - Quiet Operation

    - Easy Installation