The MCH6 is a 4 HP tank fill compressor. With a scfm rating of 4.2 this compressor will fill a standard 80 cubic foot scuba cylinder in about 20 minutes. It comes with a single fill whip for cylinder filling. Easy to use and very reliable. Available in Three Phase 230 vac or Single Phase 230 vac (3 HP)

The standard unit has a manual condensate drain and pressure final safety relief valve. It comes with an 1,800 cubic foot filtration that will deliver dependable Scuba Grade breathing air. Stainless steel frame and components are standard resulting in a reliable marine ready compressor system. If you have a private vessel, the technicians at Safety First can install and commission this system on board your yacht. We will also provide training to crew on safe operation and filling procedures. 


- 1,800 Air Purification System 

- Single fill whip with scuba yoke, bleed valve and pressure gauge

- Inlet Air FIlter ( Remote Air Intake Snorkels are available )

- Vibration Isolators

- Stainless steel frame

- Fully Automated Versions Also Available!

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