• SeaMate Hookah Float

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    Hookah Float Diving System

    Designed to carry a single 80 cubic foot scuba tank for surface supplied Hookah diving. The float system includes a specially designed access hole at the front to allow the tank valve to protrude from the bow. This keeps the center of gravity for the scuba tank low in the water for excellent stability and towing. It also allows for the tank pressure gauge to be easily viewable from below. The design creates a snug and secure fit for the tank which will stay firmly in place even if the raft should flip upside down. This is a feature you will not find on any of the other float systems available. This custom alteration is not included on the standard Seamate float and is only available on the Hookah Float system.  The carry handle and shoulder strap provide an ergonomic and comfortable way to transport the Hookah Float around on land. Once fully rigged the system can be deployed in minutes. If you already have a set of scuba regulators then a Hookah hose is all you need. We sell these hoses in 40', 60', and 100' lengths. Custom lengths are also available for purchase. Get your float, get your hose and get that tank off your back!

    Package Includes:

    - Float system 

    - Scuba tank strap system with snap bolt hardware.

    - Easy carry handle and shoulder strap for tank.

    - Dive Flag

    ( Tank, Regulators and Hose Sold Separately )